Job: Office Assistant / Central Warehouse Storekeeper

*** Local Caption *** Les agents de la Sogatra ont tenu une assemblée générale dans leurs locaux.

The International Development Division focuses on improving the lives and economic well-being of people in lower and middle-income countries. We command technical expertise in health, agriculture, climate change, food security and governance—as well as in international evaluation. Our multi-layered health portfolio includes policy, health promotion and disease prevention, health finance, and health systems management. In partnership with government clients and local experts, our high-quality programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East are known for impact and innovation.

Under the supervision of the Senegal Logistic Coordinator, the Senegal Central Warehouse Storekeeper will be based in Kaolack and provide support for the management of the Central warehouse in Kaolack.

Key Roles and Responsibilities


  • Perform efficient warehousing and warehouse inventory management operations by ensuring full compliance with standard warehousing requirements
  • Update the inventory by ensuring that the inventory book and the stock cards are updated in real time each time a stock operation occurs
  • Ensure that the store is clean, organized and well maintained according to warehousing standards
  • Ensure compliance with product preservation standards and conditions
  • Ensure the monitoring and implementation of activities relating to the maintenance and management of the warehouse
  • Take the temperature and humidity levels daily on the physical sheets and sent to the Logistic Coordinator every week
  • Keep damaged or expired stock records. Isolate damaged or expired stocks in a physical location away from the main storage area
  • Examine and check the items in stock monthly and report of damages to the Logistic Coordinator

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