Under the supervision of the regional Chief Mission Support Centre and within delegated authority, the Logistics Officer at this level will be responsible for the following duties:

• Coordinates and provides logistics support to ongoing air, land, sea, or rail operations in the area.
• Supervises, manages and provides guidance to the Information and Reporting Unit staff.
• Identifies, mobilizes resources, implements and reports on special logistics operations.
• Provides and coordinates logistics support to military, police, security and substantive components of
the mission.
• Drafts and coordinates logistics plans and other documents supporting the implementation of logistics
operations, as directed by the Section Chief.
• Drafts and coordinates input to logistics reports, presentations, briefing notes, and other information
documents required by the management, including inputs required by the UNHQ.
• Liaises and coordinates logistics support with other units within the Mission Support Division, such as
transportation, communications, movement control and procurement, and outside MSD with security
and substantive offices.
• Carries out regular liaison with the Operations and Planning Units of MSC, to share and coordinate the inflow of information and fill in the gaps in information received from other sources.
• Coordinates logistics requirements with other UN and other organizations in the Mission, Host
Government entities and UNHQ.
• Ensures that accurate and complete accounting, reporting and internal control systems are functioning
and that all relevant records are maintained including Cost recovery and Service Management issues. Performs other related duties as required


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