Warehouse & logistics supervisor h/f


Job Profile : Warehouse and Logistics Supervisor

Function : Delivery & Technology

Job Level : Band 5

Reporting to: Administratively Supply Chain Manager

Mission/core purpose of the job

The Warehouse and Logistics Supervisor will oversee the warehouses and supervision of our logistics providers. They will be responsible for managing all logistical aspects of importation of HTS goods from various foreign suppliers; this will include importation licenses, customs clearance and related activities. In addition, the Warehouse and Logistics Supervisor will be required to provide regular reporting updates to the Supply Chain Manager on inventory management, their movement, inventories and security level.

Operational Delivery

  • Ensure that outputs from the daily board meetings are actioned, including space, resource and equipment planning. Outstanding issues from the boards are escalated to the relevant management level.
  • Inform the warehouse of the delivery of goods in time, send copies of the packing list and/or PO and prepare the handling teams.
  • Oversee the receipt of materials into the warehouse, ensuring that items delivered to the warehouse are receipted against a PO or MRO.
  • Ensure that nothing is dispatched from the warehouse without an MRO.
  • Educate colleagues on the Returns Process and the importance of only being able to receipt returned materials against an MRO.
  • Monitor the quarantine area to ensure that all returns are evaluated against the Material Evaluation Process.
  • Update the Supply Chain Manager on any materials that require disposal as identified by the Material Evaluation Process or Asset Disposal Process on a monthly basis.
  • Monitor buffer stocks issued to contractors and ensure that consumption is forwarded to CBO to be actioned.
  • Co-ordinate the monthly stock count process, advising all stakeholders of the count dates and advising when the warehouse will be closed.
  • Conduct initial reconciliation after the count and investigate variances between physical stock and quantity recorded in SAP.
  • Keep track of all incoming shipments and follow up with suppliers or logistical services in regards to any damaged or missing items.
  • Work closely with Finance in regards to the payment of customs fees.
  • Ensure all importations are carried out in respect of Senegalese laws and regulations to ensure HTS are protected from any potential penalties.
  • Ensure that HT recommendations related to the environment, safety and health are followed in the daily management of the warehouses and propose mitigating solutions where appropriate.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Ensure process, policies and procedures are followed
  • Demonstrate the HT values
  • Value created through stakeholder engagement
  • Value created from improving process


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