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To ensure all deliveries and collections are timeously expedited, in terms of DHL network standards. Also responsible to provide an efficient, friendly and courteous service to customers to maintain service excellence and DHL’s reputation as the market leader. 


  • Responsible to ensure safe and responsible vehicle use at all times by remaining fit and able, mentally and physically, free from any form of intoxication, free from the influence of drugs (if you are taking prescribed drugs and are in any doubt you must not drive), remaining attentive and careful whilst in the vehicle as driver or passenger.
  • Responsible to safeguard the wellbeing of yourself and all others e.g. passengers and other road users, pedestrians, other members of staff.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal / legislative road usage requirements such as: drinking and driving restrictions, adherence to speed limits and all other road signage / markings, all necessary driving license and permit requirements.
  • Ensure to carry your valid driver’s license with you at all times and carry a PDP license should you drive a vehicle exceeding 3500kgs.
  • Ensure that the vehicle in use is safe, roadworthy and without visible or otherwise noticeable defect prior to each instance of operation.
  • Ensure that all shipments on all delivery cycles receive a LV and WC scan before departure from the facility.
  • Responsible to check your target for pre 09h00 delivery and to attempt to meet this target daily.
  • In the event of being unable to deliver a shipment you must scan the shipment with the correct checkpoint to show the network the reason for the non-delivery.
  • Ensure that the correct checkpoints are used at all times. If unsure, consult with your supervisor on duty.
  • Ensure that all equipment is in working condition at all times in order to transmit delivery details accordingly. Report any faulty equipment to your supervisor immediately.
  • Ensure to scan the AWB PU when collecting shipments from customer.
  • Ensure that the AWB is completed and that all invoices and relevant paperwork / forms are attached for WPX shipments.
  • Ensure to scan all of your shipments before you get back to the station.
  • Upon arrival at the facility, upload your scanner, sort material into IODX, WPX, DOM and Africa. Complete the scanning for the AWBs you were not sure of and upload your scanner again.
  • Ensure that TDD, Service Alert, and Hold for Collection stickers are attached to the shipments.
  • Ensure that all shipments are correctly coded and all relevant documentation is processed using the prescribed channels.
  • Responsible to maintain the courier in immaculate condition.
  • Report any service requirements or technical failures to your supervisor immediately.
  • Responsible to complete the vehicle check sheet daily prior to using the vehicle.
  • Ensure to sign a vehicle liability form for each vehicle you drive.
  • Responsible to sign for your fuel card when you go on route and to ensure that the card and any fuel slip(s) are returned to the supervisor on the same day.
  • Ensure that every contact with an internal or external customer is a demonstration of absolute dedication towards providing first time ideal solutions for the satisfaction of our customers’ immediate and future needs.
  • Responsible to strictly uphold DHL security procedures by checking all customer shipments to ensure they comply with existing safety standards.
  • Responsible for the safety and security of your vehicle while conducting your deliveries and collections.
  • Follow GSOP at all times.
  • Ensure quality is integrated into the business at all times.
  • Assist supervisors / Operations Manager with daily tasks as required.
  • Ensure conformance to the prescribed DHL uniform standards at all times.


  • Minimum English language skills required both written and oral.
  • 2 years driving experience.
  • Previous experience in the courier industry.
  • Matric / Equivalent.
  • Valid driver’s licence and excellent driving skills.
  • PC Literacy (PC GOP; HIC; GEMA: Advance; QSMS; Outlook; Excel).


  • Strong career support in an international environment.
  • Great culture and colleagues.
  • Multifarious benefit program.
  • Do you see a personal challenge in these versatile and responsible tasks? Then apply now!

We look forward to receiving your application!

Posting Legal Entity DHL International Gabon SA


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