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Supply Chain Manager


Ensure the smooth execution of the planning process in order to guarantee the availability of the product while optimizing customer service and cost and while improving the quality of stocks.

– Build the Supply plan of the entity based on the validated sales forecasts, the co-packing plan and the stocks and supply/ procurement parameters. 

– Check the logistic feasibility through the analysis of the stocks equation. And exchange with the MSL about the long-term issues (capacity, gap between capacity and demand) – Determine the stock and supply parameters according to the objectives of service rate, costs and global targeted stock. 

– Manage the replenishment process through the evaluation of the shortage risks and by communicating priorities to the MSL. 

– Manage stock levels in accordance with the objectives of the country and analyze obsoletes and slow movers. Define and implement action plans. 

– Decrease shortages by the analysis of the causes, the definition of the action plans and the challenges of suppliers about the MAD dates of products which are out of stock. 

– Define and follow the Key Performance Indicators (out of stock, service rate, stock) and communicate them internally and to the MSL. 

– Build the budgeted stock according to the stock and supply parameters. – Participate to the best practices improvement 

– For the field expert (« Local Business Owner »): Contribute to the improvement of the processes and information systems related to his/her activity and be the referent of his/her job in his/her country. Animate and train the Supply Chain community to the best practices and tools related to his/her area of expertise.

Organize customs clearance processes of goods (FG, PLV), ensuring the best interests of the Group and respecting ethical principles. 

– Formalize the process ; prepare all necessary documents required by customs (letter, price validation, etc) ;

control on-time clearance of import / export goods (in cooperation with the Transportation Manager and customs operators) ;

organize and coordinate the physical flow of documents within timelines with necessary translations; set priorities for the clearance 

– Control contracts with the international suppliers and Export clients (consignees) – Organize reception process for Certificates of Origin 

– Define workload planning of customs brokers based on procurement forecasts – Prepare and report on customs related logistics indicators 

– Negotiate with service providers (brokers) 

– Support Customer Service on all Customs related issues 

– Ensure development of expertise and know-how and support organization changes



• Fosters a demand-driven Supply Chain with service as a priority 

• Brings added value to the customer and the consumer CONTROLS RISKS AND OPERATES RESPONSIBILY 

• Masters our Quality, EHS, Finance & Supply Chain standards 

• Integrates external regulations linked to his activity “MAKE IT HAPPEN” WITH


• Optimizes information, physical & financial flows along the whole Supply Chain 

• Uses business data for continuous improvement 

• Improves flexibility, reactivity and reliability 

• Masters costs along the Supply Chain NURTURES THE PIONEERING SPIRIT 

• Anticipates business activity and acts proactively 

• Deepens the position of the Supply Chain within the business








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