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Warehouse Manager


  • Supervise, according to best practices, management planning inflows and outflows from stock such as quantitative and qualitative monitoring of goods receipt including inspection control (deliveries /shipments). (stock movements and repackaging operations);
  • Ensure that all orders of products and services are planned and monitored throughout the logistics supply chain;
  • Oversee fuel transactions updating such as data entry (or the current emergency hand) and transfer from terminal automation to fuel management system;
  • Oversee random cycle counting and annual stock stacking for financial statements;
  • Oversee Inventory management system such as data entry, part type list, part identification coding, gap analysis, part adjustment of discrepancy;
  • Participate to documentation updating of items (Material safety MSDS, Technical Data Sheet TDS);
  • Participate in the development of a control system of quality of work execution, with self-assessment tests;
  • Oversee the monitoring and updating Purchase Request PR and Purchase Order PO specific (s) on CMMS;
  • Understand, implement, evaluate, motivate or control the risks related to operating activities. Write the appropriate standard operational procedures SOP;
  • Understand, assess, plan and implement effectively the resources needed for the proper performance of warehouse tasks;
  • Participate in the development with +/- 10% accuracy of maintenance costs necessary for the financial involvement in budget decisions;
  • Participate in the development of technical specifications for procurement contracts or benefits. Ensuring the acquisition protection and reliability of the necessary references;
  • Participate in the development of a comprehensive maintenance budget for planned equipment.
  • Understanding and mastering the aspects and good practices in inventory management, Reliable products available, replenished on time and correctly identifiable to stores;
  • Use skills in human relationship, negotiation and influence to maintain a predetermined and agreed timetable;
  • Develop histograms and PERT charts;
  • Improve the balance of workloads and appropriate resources;
  • Respect the internal working procedures, the rules of safety and health and ensure data confidentiality;
  • Oversee implementation debriefings procedures to daily tasks of field;
  • Participate in the formalization and capitalization of feedback on items and assets for specific measures on frequency, errors and their causes, remedies (KPIs enhancement).


  • Design Engineer in Production, Industrial Maintenance, Electromechanical, etc.


7 to 10 years’ experience.


  • Engineer in production management or logistics with knowledge in Enterprise Asset Management System EAMS.
  • Familiar with desktop tools.
  • Accustomed to technical guide manual utilization.
  • Familiar with standard operational procedures SOP.
  • Should possess a valid driver’s licence (class B minimum).
  • Familiar with office suite MS Excel, Word, etc.
  • Good thinking approach, sense of anticipation, teamwork effort, discipline, endurance, making initiative proposals, handling stress, problem solver, reliable, charismatic, good attitude.
  • Good capacities in English.


  • Integrate HSSE objectives in maintenance objectives.
  • Set up HSSE plans regarding your entity.
  • Enforce orders, procedures and HSSE instructions to people under your responsibility.
  • Make write, approve and control operational procedures and HSSE instructions in your section.
  • Drive or participate to reporting and analysis of incidents if necessary.
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