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lundi 29 mai 2023

Offre d’emploi: Responsable approvisionnement de projets

Job Description

1. Procurement of third-party products and engineering services in communications and IT-related Senegal or Mali Projects

2. Supplier sourcing, selection (bidding, negotiation, etc.), supplier daily communication and performance management, procurement contract drafting and negotiation and procurement performance monitoring, etc.

3. Assess project resource assurance risks in advance and make strategy to ensure project delivery resources;

4. Organize project members to implement supplier performance evaluation and supplier quality management; solve problems in performance, maintain a good cooperative relationship, and ensure the smooth delivery of the project;

Knowledge Requirements

1. Proficient in operating office software (EXCEL, PPT, etc.);

2. Basic knowledge of communication and understanding of project delivery process is better.

Skill Requirements

1. Have good communication and coordination ability, negotiation and interpersonal understanding skills, and teamwork spirit;

2. Project delivery experience, procurement management experience and negotiation experience. English communication are preferred

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