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Logistics assistant


Within delegated authority and under the supervision of the LO/LLCC, the Logistics Assistant will be responsible for the following duties:

• Technically supports the LLCC with respect to all G5 Sahel logistics support aspects for major services such as food, rations, fuel, water, etc..
•Coordinates with vendors and convoy organizers/focal points all movements, transportation and deliveries to G5 Sahel States designated locations.
•Maintains database used by MINUSMA to monitor G5 Sahel specific logistics reports.
•Maintains supporting files and database with respect to G5 Sahel requests to Life Support section (Rations, Water, Fuel, etc.).
•Controls and manages supply related items requisitioning and delivery.
•Records requests actions and monitors activities. These include coordinating with missions on delivery schedules of G5 Sahel requests, follow-up and receipt of G5 Sahel Receiving and Inspection (R&I) Reports, verification of invoices against R&I reports, recording requests status at all stages of processes.
•In charge of managing and maintain records of the G5 Sahel requests thresholds set for each Life Support items (Water, Rations, Fuel, Oil & Lubricants, etc.).
•After receiving the approved G5 Sahel requests, initiates all administrative supports when required for records deliveries, progressive funding and expenditures, liaises with mission sections on receipts and associated actions.
•Manages and maintains records of all G5 Sahel requests on transport issues (land, air, etc.) and liaise with mission sections (Aviation, MOVCON, Transport/Dispatch) on the direct provisioning process and mission cost estimates.

2. General:
•Coordinates and provides updates of G5 Sahel requests status on a regular basis.
•In collaboration with LLCC Admin Assistant, Life Support and Acquisition Management Sections, regularly reviews G5 Sahel cost estimates for input into budget reporting.
•In collaboration with LLCC Admin Assistant and Associate Project Manager, actively monitors budget estimates and reports on European Union (EU) funding allocations to G5 Sahel.
•Maintains, updates and ensures accuracy and completeness of computer database recording supports details, purchase orders, delivery and invoice actions.
•Assists with the preparation of presentations to the Headquarter Committee, Senior Management Team (SMT) on G5 Sahel supports and reporting issues.
•Familiarizes new G5 Sahel staff recruited from the Five (05) members states with respect to work requirements and applicable UN guidelines and office
•Performs any other duties as required.


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