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Logistics Manager

Main Purpose:

Liaise with the local entities and make available stocks of fuels (retail, bunkering, aviation) and lubricants products for dispatching. Manage the transport ( direct or indirect management of trucks, coordination with divers and transporters, manage 50 secondary transport vehicles+ 15 direct sales vehicles, 05 services stations + B2B sites to be served, supervise 75 drivers) and supervise the transportation of the gas (25,000-30,000 T/an) outside the centre.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:

1. LPG activities

  • Develop and monitor the provisional delivery schedule for LPG truck
  • Monitor the stocks of distributors’ depots and manage truck routes
  •  Follow the stocks of ancillary depots and sales made
  • Avoid disruptions at the level of Distributor Depots and annexes
  •  Track all documents of transport vehicles
  •  Follow the driver files and participate in their safety training
  •  Follow and manage the KPis of drivers and carriers (Infractions, anomalies, Volumes etc …)
  •  Develop corrective action plans resulting from transport, depot and vehicle audits (maintenance plan, half-yearly checks).
  •  Ensure the application of Group Transport procedures and policies
  • Manage transport contracts and their application
  •  Participate in LPG Transporters and Depots audits


  • Participate in import planning and leveling meetings
  • Coordinate the availability of hollows with stock depots in coordination with the TRADING DE TRAFIGURA department
  • Monitor product imports and coordinate the unloading of ships
  • Monitor product stocks by channel and customs regime (PUMA and TRAFIGURA)
  • Track aviation jet stocks at SENSTOCK, SMCADY and DOT
  • Ensure the link between stock and bed base in coordination with the Transit services of PUMA, SENSTOCK and Customs
  • Monitor re-exports of products to Mali and other destinations
  • Monitor and archive ship and re-export documents
  • Execute ITT product sales to local Marketers and Export customers
  •  Follow the sales and stocks of customers at the level of third-party shippers (Link from A to Z)
  • Daily follow-up and take stock of export truck loads and shipments
  • Monitor and archive ship and re-export documents (PFI to FA)
  • Check and validate the invoices of passage and reception of Tankers
  • Check and validate monthly stock status
  • Validate the Closing Stock certificate together with the stock accountant
  • Make the trucks available to the BSM for loading the Retail & B&B
  • Coordinate and monitor daily Retail & B&B truck loads with loader depots
  • Coordinate truck downtime and replacements with Transporters
  •  Management of transport equalization
  • Monitor and make the monthly summary of product losses (Butane, Gasoil, Super, Fo, jet etc.)
  • Make monthly logistics KPIs


  • Monitor aviation jet stocks at SENSTOCK, SMCADY and DOT
  • Coordinate the loadings of the jet transfer trucks
  • Control and take stock of Weekly transfers
  • Check and validate monthly stock status


  • Establish bunkering requests and monitor proper execution at SENSTOCK
  • Coordinate with Consignee Agents and loading depots
  • Track and classify bunkering BLs
  • Check and validate monthly stock status


  • Coordinate the loads of Lubs with BSM, Commercial and Transporters
  • Provide a truck for the BSM
  • Respect delivery deadlines
  • Coordinate with the Transit service the customs clearance of Lube Containers


  • Ensure safety transport by applying SAPS standards for LPG and FUELS
  • Track trucks using Geolocation
  • Execute the Safety Program of the Logistics Manager
  • Follow action plans resulting from Group audits



  • Undergraduate University Degree or master degree in transit, transport and logistic or other related field.
  • Minimum 1 to 5 years of experience in similar position. Knowledge of Oil Market preferred.


  • Bilingual: French and English will be an advantage  
  • Advanced Knowledge of MS Office.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill.
  • Excellent conflict resolution and problem solving skills.
  • Skill to work under pressure and ability to manage change.
  • High attention to detail.
  • Strong leadership and negotiation skills.
  • Team player. Good planning and organization skills.
  • Discretion,
  • Confidentiality
  • Active listening skills
  • Customer focus

Key Relationships and Department Overview:

  • Internal –  CFO, HSE Manager, LPG and Fuels sales managers, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Transit Manager
  • External –  Road transport companies under contract with PUMA ENERGY,  Distributors & their depot managers, stocks Accountants of the depots, Drivers, supervisors and driver assistants, Vehicle Inspector


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